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한화생명 세일즈 전용 상담
 서비스 화면

Implementation of a consultation solution for Auto Ground, the second hand car dealer website of Kolon Motors
(an official dealer of BMW). Formation of a real-time consultation environment,
where consultants are linked based on available second-hand cars per region.


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한화생명 세일즈 전용 상담 서비스 화면

Establishment of a new customer consultation service for Rovectin, a company that provides professional
skincare make-up products. Establishment of a real-time consultation service which recognizes
customers' skin types and other customized information.

ADT Caps

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한화생명 세일즈 전용 상담 서비스 화면

Created consultation solution for new clients of security company, ADT Caps.
Implemented real-time consultation environment through web, mobile web, Direct Mail, SMS and other various platforms.

CNT Group

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한화생명 세일즈 전용 상담 서비스 화면

Created order update consultation services for CNT Tech, which provides a restaurant order update platform.
Application of mobile-order consultation solution for pizza brands.

We realize a Talk Sales environment that translates to sales
Non-face-to-face sales solution, Qsales
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qsales monitor sample
qsales phone sample
  • Link-based
    effective marketing
  • Connection with present
    IT infrastructure
  • Screen synchronization through real-time consultation
  • Sales closing that supports customized contract procedures

Environment where in you can meet clients with one click

Meet customers with one click, without troublesome and inconvenient procedures such as installing applications,
logging in or sending friend requests. Qsales allows one to use all points of contact with the customers,
not only online such as web, DM, SMS, SNS, teaser videos, blogs, etc., but also the existing telephone consultation, as sales points.

Environment where in you can meet clients with one click image
  • 1Instant connectivity
    based on web links.
  • 2Improved efficiency of the existing
    Outbound TM sales through screen
    synchronization during phone consultation.
  • 3Outbound sales with promotional slogans.

Integrated Messaging APP connection

Regardless of the messenger the customers used to enter, they can be accommodated in One-Platform.
Through web-links, the closing module such as viewing brochures and electronic documents together,
making payments, and making appointments, can be used in the Messaging APP.

Integrated Messaging APP connection image
  • 1Various messenger responses
    in One-Platform.
  • 2AI based on response
    to natural language.
  • 3Closing support based on links
    in the Messaging App.

Environment that allows fast response on client’s request

Consultation satisfaction and sales are directly affected by the response given to a client’s request of consultation within 1 minute.
For more effective responses to clients, Qsales allows the tracing of clients’ page use,
and provides short cut keys that allows faster response messaging.

Environment that allows fast response on client’s request image
  • 1Immediate response and consultant
    notification upon client entry.
  • 2Trace clients’ pages of interest.
  • 3Use shortcut keys for frequently
    used phrases.

Co-browsing technique for high quality sales

One picture is worth a thousand words. Qsales allows the client and the consultant to have the consultation
while sharing screens through the Co-browsing technique. Drawing, underlining and highlighting
functions are all possible on the brochure, providing the same consultation environment as offline.

Co-browsing technique for high quality sales image
  • 1All consultants use the same
    consultation materials.
  • 2Consultation using shared screens
    via the Co-browsing technique.
  • 3Invite a third party consultant
    to the chat.

One-Stop from consultation to successful transaction

You don’t need to wonder whether or not the client who consulted made a purchase. You can now sign the contract, process payment,
and make appointments within the consultation window. Qsales not only provides a payment module, but also a system for signing contracts
and setting appointments. This allows an IT environment for easy closing, the most important part of the sales process.

One-Stop from consultation to successful transaction image
  • 1One-stop from consultation
    to contract singing, payment
    and Appointment setting.
  • 2Keep social security numbers
    and other personal information
  • 3Send consultation details through
    SMS and Email after consultation.

Sales Consultation Quality Control

Unlike voice calls, text allows simultaneous and real-time monitoring and analysis of several consultations.
Qsales provides insight for effective sales strategies by allowing an overview of tasks in progress and consultation details.

Sales Consultation Quality Control image
  • 1Client Satisfaction Evaluation.
  • 1Real-time consultation
    status monitoring.
  • 1Consultation Statistics Report.


Working with Qsales means becoming a leading consumer-intimate corporation, therefore gaining the key to successful business. Several brands have already implemented or are in the process of implementing the system.
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ADT Caps
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CNT Group
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